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Commentary by Cap'n Squall on the Mini Regatta Race
August 26 & 27

Committee boat provided by Kia Ora Catamaran Charters
Kia Ora Catamaran Charters - Koh Samui - Thailand



This month's regatta was hosted by Bill's Beach Bar at Hua Tanon located in a picturesque cove on the South of the island and although his establishment hasn't been rated with a star or boast a kitchen, his staff provided a superb barbeque and top service.

The Phuket racing community were well represented with John Hamilton acting as Race Officer and a number of their sailors driving over to participate.

Once again, our thanks to the BBC and Mark Cullimore for providing Kia Ora as committee boat.

The Race Officer ably assisted by Alan Solley got the fleet underway for Saturdays long distance race at 1300 with a 25 mile race rounding the offshore reef Hin An Wang and Koh Mat Sum to the South.

Kunta on Coco Blues rounded the reef buoy first, just 20 metres in front of hot Phuket sailor Jock Cromie driving the 4.5 m Nacra catamaran Tradewinds and then Francesco's F24 trimaran Vivace closely followed by Mick Grover's newly imported Elliott 770 Ice Bucket.

China House began to make ground on Vivace on the leg down to Koh Mat Sum, while Tradewinds tacked inshore to avoid being blanketed by Coco Blues who by now was standing on a long tack out to sea.

Approaching Koh Mat Sum, Vivace then put in a series of short tacks to the island and rounded the island in the lead closely followed by Coco Blues and Ice Bucket with China House and Tradewinds now well in the rear.

The spinnaker run back to the reef saw Coco snatching the lead again and now Ice Bucket just edging Vivace when an approaching rain squall forced the boats to harden up for a close reach to the finish.

The stiff 15 knot breeze with 25 knot gusts were especially exciting for Ice Bucket, for without any guard rails, they lost crew overboard twice, costing them time. Perhaps with a Velcro deck and the crew wearing Velcro pants we can expect them to rapidly improve ! Sunday race 1 Two races back to back of winward/leewards were got underway with the first race experiencing the same strong winds as Saturday.

Ice Bucket wisely deciding not to fly their chute but still completed the first race 2nd over the finish line behind Jock Cromies' Nacra 4.5 . Jock, an Australian ex A Class catamaran champion took off from the starting line and was never headed.

John Stall who provided the Nacra 4.5, conceded the Rolly Tasker mainsail was cut too full, so provided an Australian Manders mainsail for the Sundays racing and this made all the difference with the Tradewinds catamaran taking out both races from Coco Blues and Vivace. Kunta's Coco Blues had ace bowman Jim Kane (Phuket) handling one of the mainsails and although with a smaller rig then sistership China House, always had the measure of the yellow China House.

With another Elliott 770 being prepared for next months regatta, we can expect more exciting racing as the Phuket gang swear they'll be back but this time with some of their boats!

Bills Beach Bar's regular guests did an amazing job in assisting launching the boats and helping out with the food, even if they did sleep on the floor that night

Race was on the weekend of August 26 & 27 2006

Race Results:
Samui Mini Regatta August 26 and 27

RACE 1           SATURDAY

Place    Name               Corrected Time            Points

1st        Ice Bucket        2.38.43                        1

2nd       Tradewinds      2.50.45                         2

3rd        Coco Blues      2.52.45                        3

4th        Vivace              2.54.59                        4

5th        China House     3.22.30                        5

 RACE 2           SUNDAY

1st        Tradewinds      0.29.13                         1

2nd       Coco Blues      0.34.54                        2

3rd        Ice Bucket        0.35.59                        3

DSQ    Vivace                                                  6

DNF    China House                                         6

 RACE 3           SUNDAY

1st        Tradewinds      0.35.54                        1

2nd       Ice Bucket        0.38.02                        2

3rd        Coco Blues      0.41.22                        3

4th        Vivace              0.44.13                        4

5th        China House     0.48.04                        5


1st        Tradewinds      2.1.1.               4

2nd       Ice Bucket        1.3.2.              6

3rd        Coco Blues      3.2.3.               8

4th        Vivace              4.6.4.              14

5th        China House     5.6.5.              16