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Race Report - September 30 & October 1 2006
Held at Tradewinds Cottages on the beach Chaweng

Committee boat provided by Kia Ora Catamaran Charters
Kia Ora Catamaran Charters - Koh Samui - Thailand


BBQ food at the regatta, all ya can eat buddyVisitors are encouraged to come along to the monthly regatta.

Spectators and Drinkers can pay the 500 baht entry fee and enjoy either or both days on the committee boat to watch the racing. Drinks are available on board the boat!

You also get to attend the Saturday night free food and drinks.

And the bonus is that all of the above is free for your partner.

Race 1 Sat 30 Sept

Race officer Alan Solley assisted by Mick? got the fleet away on a running start at 1230 before a 10 knot South Westerly and heading North to round Ko Kong Ok. Coco Blues was soon up to speed and led the two Nacras who were having fun trading jibes downwind while Vivace, Moonshadow, Ice Bucket and China House went out to sea to find more wind.

Those that did were soon disappointed as the wind veered North West and the inshore boats Coco Blues, Nacra 2 and Vivace sailed away from the rest of the fleet. The breeze began to freshen to 15 knots and Nacra 1 soon caught and passed Vivace.

Coco Blues rounded the rock first followed by Nacra 1 and Nacra 2, Jock just clearing the rocks by metres and was later heard to comment “ well it’s not my boat “. On the return leg, the breeze turned patchy, Nacra 1 experienced its share of windholes and was overtaken by both Vivace and China House.

The race to the finish had Coco Blues and Nacra 2 changing the lead several times but the former finally prevailed and they finshed in that order.

Race 2 Sun. 1st Oct.

The race officer set a two mile course of windward/leewards with the windward mark laid just 500 m. off the beach in front of Tradewinds and finally got the fleet off at 1330 before a 15 knot Westerly with 30 knot gusts.

Nacra 1 took advantage of the start line’s port tack bias and shot across Moonshadow who was bearing down on starboard tack with the rest of the fleet. Nacra 1 led the fleet and headed for the righthand side of the course while the rest went left.

Coco Blues, China House, Vivace and Nacra 2 all approached the mark together and with the wind changing in huge shifts, mahem erupted with both China House and Nacra 2 snagging in the marks anchor lines and Vivace smacking China House with a large bang.

Nacra 1 soon caught them and was began vying for the lead with Nacra 2, the pair rounding the next mark locked together.

This time the fleet went right and Nacra 1 going left, only to find no wind and soon dropped to last and eventually retiring. Nacra 2 increased her lead over Coco Blues and rounded the windward mark the second time with a handy three minute lead over Coco and Moonshadow making up a lot of distance third. This time Windrider started on time and finished a good fourth ahead of China House.

Race Results from Samui Yacht Club Regatta

Race was on the weekend of September 30 & October 1 2006

Next Regatta in October 2006 will be hosted at Mermaid Resort in Ban Rak.

Race Results: Samui Mini Regatta

Long Distance Race 1 Sat. Sept. 30 | Corrected time

1 Coco Blues                  Kunta                    1:58:54

2 Tradewinds Nacra 2  Jock Cromie        2:00:59

3 Moonshadow              Mick Grover          2:03:59

4 Vivace                            Francesco B.       2:08:00

5 China House                Lee Freeman        2:08:52

6 Tradewinds Nacra 1   John Stall              2:09:28

7 Windrider                       Erwin                      2:10:33

8 Ice Bucket                      Peter Plant           2:15:32


 Race 2 Sun. 1st Oct.

 1 Tradewinds Nacra 2      Jock Cromie        1:04:40

2 Moonshadow                  Mick Grover         1:04:19

3 Coco Blues                      Kunta                     1:05:08

4 Windrider                          Erwin                     1:08:10

5 China House                    Lee Freeman       1:16:16

 Vivace, Tradewinds Nacra 1, retired.

Ice Bucket DNS.



1  Nacra 2                         Jock Cromie (Phuket)    3 pts

 2 Coco Blues                  Kunta                                 4 pts

 3 Moonshadow              Mick Grover                     5 pts

 4 China House                Lee Freeman                 10 pts

 5 Windrider                      Erwin                               11 pts

 6 Vivace                            Serge                              13 pts

 7 Nacra 2                          John Stall                       15 pts

 8 Ice Bucket                    Peter Plant                     17 pts