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Race Results from Samui Yacht Club Regatta
Koh Samui Sailing

Fishing fleet taking off in squall

Race Report

Race #1: Saturday 28 October 2006


A varied fleet of 8 yachts gathered in front of the beachfront Mermaid Resort at Ban Rak, including Jock Cromie over from Phuket to defend his title and a French team led by Captain Didier, sporting special shirts for the occasion on their big Hobie 21.

Another French connection was the new owners of Vivace, Serge Straeten and old sailing veteran Jacques who had some of the old crew, Francesco and Lek (Saard) aboard.

Good to see Martin with Nok Talay back, again with a full crew of ladies ( Wharrams Class rules).

This race’s special effects swung into action early, by producing a 35 knot line squall as the fleet headed for the starting line.

Committee boat provided by
Kia Ora Catamaran Charters
Kia Ora Catamaran Charters - Koh Samui - Thailand

Those that could, got their sails down, while the two Nacras feathered their boats as best they could, while the Hobie 21 capsized resulting in a broken mast which had stuck in the mud.

As Ban Rak bay has a depth of only 5 m. this is not the best place to capsize. Meanwhile Nok Talay’s crew disappeared down below for another round of cards with a wine and cheese tasting.

Only three boats eventually started and headed West to round the large steel restaurant boat, anchored at Bo Phud. Nacra 1 rounded first closely followed by Vivace and Nacra 2.

Thinking the next mark was the committee boat (mistake) Nacra 1 then tacked inshore, while the rest headed out to sea to round the two rocks Hin Mu Yai and Hin Mu Lek (correct) and then Ko Som. Nacra 1’s skipper Cap’n Squall realized his mistake and then retired.

Lesson; always attend the skippers pre race briefing.

Vivace extended her lead with some good spinnaker work and finished well in front of Nok Talay the only other finisher.

Race Results: 1 Vivace, Serge Staeten, 2 Nok Talay Martin

Race #2: Sunday 29 October 2006

As the fleet headed for the starting line for an 1130 start, a huge tropical downpour descended, ensuring all the crews were awake and their cigarettes stash soaked. Nok Talay’s crew, smug and dry beneath their sunroof, razzed the shivering wet crews on their open catamarans.

Race officer Mike Reeves started the race immediately after the rain finished, the fleet heading West with a very light breeze. This was not to the likening of Nok Talay, who drifted on to the OD mark and then spent half an hour trying to dislodge it from between the hulls, much to the amusement of the “wet” sailors.

Nacra 1 took the lead closely followed by Vivace and Nacra 2 went out to sea having spotted a wind line. At the bottom mark (again the big restaurant boat), the two Nacras rounded locked together and were immediately becalmed on the lee side of the restaurant boat. Vivace spotted them having difficulty and took a wider turn and sailed through them into the lead.

Coco Blues also had difficulty in rounding and took ages to get going again. Nacra 2 and Vivace enjoyed some close racing with Nacra 1 copping Vivace’s bad air, headed out to sea. As these three closed on the finishing line, the wind dropped and switched to small swinging puffs, much to the frustration of Nacra 1 whose curses to the heavens were heard all over Bo Phud bay.

Vivace came home to finish first with Nacra 2 three minutes behind but enough to take Vivace on handicap and Nacra 1 a further thirty minutes as the wind finally died out on a glassy sea.

Results from monthly sailing regatta October 28 and 29

Race 1
Boat Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time Position
Vivace F24 1.46.00 2.16.44 1
Nok Talay Tiki 30 2.50.26  2.33.23  2
Retired: Nacra 1,  Nacra 2
DNS: China House, Coco Blues (Radical Bay 8000’s), Hobie 21 Conchita Macgregor 26
Race 2
Nacra 2 1.30.20 1.51.12 1
Vivace 1.27.33 1.53.00 2
Nacra 1 2.04.30 2.31.53 3
DNF: Nok Talay, China House, Coco Blues, Conchita
Overall results: Vivace 1, Nacra 2, Nok Talay 3

A fine sailing regatta it was indeed. Special thanks to our hosts at Mermaid Resort in Ban Bang Rak. On the Saturday at 5pm the Mermaid Resort hosted all the participants to a fabulous barbeque which together with the traditional regatta beer keg was set down beachfront to enjoy one of the best sunset sites on the island. Our thanks to all the management and friendly staff of Mermaid Resort for being such generous sailing regatta sponsors.