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  • February: Due to a block booking at Mermaid, this weekend's regatta will be held at Oriental Resort, Ban Rak (next to Petcharat Marina), 11 am Saturday 23/24 Feb 


January 2008 Regatta Report

Saturday 26 January 2008

Yacht Sailing on Koh Samui Rules!!! OK?

January’s regatta was held off Petcherat Marina in Ban Rak. Over twenty kids from the Junior Sailing showed up and were dispersed around the fleet in a variety of boats.

The Lamai Chamber of Commerce, comprising Jersey Mike, Big Roy and Aussie Bill set the start line off the Marina with the course a circuit of twice around Koh Som, Hin Mu lek, Hin Mu yai to port and back to the start, a distance of 14 miles.

The Lamai Chamber of Commerce knocks over a flagon of red for breakfast

The two Macgregors were started first and then 30 minutes later the rest of the fleet. With a 25 knot Easterly, the run down to Hin Mu yai with following 3 metre waves, helped the leading boat, a Hobie 16 (Lek), complete the first round in an incredible 35 minutes.

During the second round, the wind increased and both the beach catamarans were home after just 90 minutes. Luckily all the kids wore life jackets and in the wild conditions, one of them, Thomas Faye, was swept overboard but was quickly snatched and heaved back onboard by visiting British crewman Nick.

Lek finished a good first, followed by the Nacra 4.5 (John Stall) and then Moonshadow (Elliot 7) just pipping the RB 8000 on the finish line and then Viva (Mac 26) with Red Snapper (Mac 26) retiring with seasick crew.

Sunday 27 January 2008

Race 2 While the committee boat, La Fortune with Captain Pascal moved into position, the Lamai Chamber of Commerce settled down to a breakfast of Italian red wine. It was decided to race two windward/leewards, twice around, using the barge moored offshore as the windward mark.

Once again, Lek and his Hobie 16 snatched the start while all mayhem broke out on Crazy Horse as they struggled to free themselves, having snagged the starting buoy and retired.

Lek took the race followed by the Nacra 4.5 and the Elliot 7.

Race 3 During the pre start maneouvres Cap’n Squall and his Nacra managed to get caught up in La Fortune’s anchor line apparently distracted by one of his lovely crew, Khun Gae. Once again the H16 won handily followed by the Nacra, Elliot 7 and Crazy Horse (RB 8000).

All of the boats took several junior sailors as crew, who showed they had learnt the starting sequence well, by admonishing the start committee (Lamai Chamber of Commerce) when their timing was off.

Thanks to Captain Pascal for the use of his lovely junk and patience handling the many juniors who swarmed over his vessel like ants and had to explore every staircase and cranny.

The prizes were presented by the vivacious owner of Petcherat Marina Khun, Tuan Jai at the evening barbeque.

Thanks to a good showing of sailors and supporters, the committee managed to collect B11,000 in entry fees which will be used help the junior sailing programme.


Samui Yacht Club Regatta
The General Committee 2007 - 2008

Position Name Contact
Commodore John Stall 077 414294
Vice-Commodore Kunta Kunde 081 9401999
Rear Commodore Suveera Bhandukhravi 0896672828
Secretary Francesco Brancaccio 081 8219702
Treasurer Francesco Brancaccio  
Publicity Alan Solley 0878344267
Junior Sailing Saard Panyawan 077 245383
Bosun Mike Reeves 0899708051
Powerboat Secretary Roy Copp 077418161


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